2020 Club Officers and Other Volunteer Leaders

                                                                                              (* = Board Member)

Back Row:  Lee Howard, Donna Howard, Dianne Heisner, Miriam (Mimi) Williams, Jo Keitges

Front Row: Arlene Peterson, Mary Mann, Sue Bendix

Lee Howard

President *

Miriam (Mimi) Williams

Vice President *

Sue Bendix

Secretary *

Mary Mann

Treasurer *

Dianne Heisner

Public Relations *

Jo Keitges

Fiesta Chairperson *

Donna Howard

Language Class Administrator *

Arlene Peterson

Membership *

Paul Voorhees

Member-At-Large *

Tish Iwaszuk

Volunteer Coordinator

Mary Ann Jasken

Language Class Advisor

Brenda Melcher

Language Class Student Advisor

For information about the Spanish Club (Club Español), please contact Lee: 541-815-8025, leehoward676@gmail.com; or Arlene: 623-266-3046, scwarlenepeterson@gmail.com