¡Muchas Gracias!

Jim Jasken has been the editor of the Club Español Newsletter since 2016 when the baton was passed to him by Joan Novy, the preceding editor.  This archived collection of newsletters displays his talent to produce a colorful, attractive and informative publication.  Over the course of his editorship, he produced 18 newsletters that showcased events, books, book reviews, recipes, reports of international trips, upcoming travel opportunities and even Spanish funnies.  We are most grateful to him for the talents he donated to our club! Thanks Jim, these newsletters reflect the spirit and scope of our club. 

We invite new and current members to review these gems produced by Jim and Joan Novy.  We direct you particularly to the October 2016 issue of the newsletter to learn more about both of them.  All these newsletters are a good source for generating ideas for future club activities.

Archived Newsletters

 The Mission of the Spanish Club is to learn the language and appreciate the Hispanic Culture through classes, cultural events, fiestas, and travel.

Updated: May 5, 2024