International travel to Spanish-speaking destinations has been a memorable experience for our members since 2016.  Club members take advantage of opportunities for international travel to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  In the past our members have visited Spain, the Copper Canyon in Mexico, Playa del Carmen in the Yucatan, Peru and Machu Picchu, Mexico City and its environs, and Oaxaca, Mexico.  Because of the corona-19 virus, the 2020 trip to Cuba had to be canceled at the last minute.

Now that many activities in the State and the country have reopened, we are examining how and when we can resume our popular excursions. Many considerations are being taken into account to keep our members safe while enjoying the benefits of travel with their Spanish Club friends. We are constantly reviewing conditions in foreign countries and on airplanes and ships.  We are aware that the majority of residents in SCW, and by extension the Spanish Club, have been fully vaccinated.  Nevertheless, we are also aware that many still have a fear of the virus and feel uncomfortable being in groups or in foreign countries.

Since 2020 to the present because personal contact has been restricted due to the corona virus, it has been difficult when it comes to making future plans.  At the Travel Meeting held on October 26,2021 it was decided that due to uncertainties about air travel, difficulty in securing safe passage on long overseas flights for a large group, and the lack of full staffing by A Closer Look Tours for Mexico trips, the Club would not recommend a group tour in 2022 unless COVID considerations improved.  However, it was left to individuals to decide whether or not they wanted to seek out or join tours offered by travel wholesalers until such time as conditions improved for group travel by club members.

The Rec Centers of Sun City West recently reintroduced a group trip to Rocky Point, Mexico beginning in early Allied Tour and Travel.  Although more of a resort destination and not an educational tour that our members usually enjoy, such a trip was seen to possibly fulfill many members’ desire for group travel.  The Rec Center continues to offer the trip but it usually sells out very quickly as it has for the fall of 2022.

If you are considering international travel with the Spanish Club in your future, please check this website page periodically, as we will continue to update it with information and pictures about past and future trips.  There is much information – and pictures – to share.   You can click on a button below to learn about our past travel.  There is another button which will enable you to add your name to one of our “Travel Interest Groups” and provide you with more information about possible future travel opportunities.

If you have any questions in the meantime, or suggestions for other destinations, please contact Paul Voorhees at

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 The Mission of the Spanish Club is to learn the language and appreciate the Hispanic Culture through classes, cultural events, fiestas, and travel.

Updated: August 25, 2022