You are most welcome in our Spanish Club, also known as Club Español!

Members at all levels take part in our club!

Some members are just beginning to learn a little Spanish. Other members are at the intermediate and advanced levels. We offer classes, conversation groups, fiestas, programs on culture, and movies. Our online newsletter will keep you informed about happenings in the club.  We hope you find something here to interest, educate, and excite you.  We’re proud to be able to offer so many options. Please take note of all the information included in this website.

Sometimes students are not sure which classes or conversation groups to take so check out the Class Placement Guide to determine which classes are recommended for you!   Classes and conversation groups are free to club members.


Important Information:

Fall 2020 Spanish Club Opportunities  

The Spanish Club/Club Español has been working to develop safe and healthy ways to offer Spanish language classes and activities in the fall of 2020.  Traditionally classes are offered Monday through Friday at Beardsley Recreation Center and are free to members.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, offering “in person” Spanish classes and gatherings for fiestas and club meetings are still considered a health risk at this time. Fiestas and General Meetings will not be held through 2020. Gathering together in fiestas, club meetings, and large group classes will be reviewed as Covid information emerges and revised plans will be announced. Election of club officers for the 2021 Board may be conducted via email and/or mail. The procedure for Spanish Club Board elections will be announced at a later date. 

As we  have all learned new ways of staying connected to family and friends, we have also learned new ways to conquer the  limitations created by the pandemic.  Through the summer  we have experimented with Zoom and found the Zoom program an effective tool for meetings, book club conversations and teaching Spanish. In the fall of 2020, we won’t be able to offer all the language classes the club has typically offered. However, we will be able to offer a few Spanish language classes and book club groups through Zoom. Just remember, we are strong, we are survivors and we are finding new ways of doing things.

Class Registration Begins October 14, 2020.  

1. To register for a class contact through email: 
    Donna Howard   or     MaryAnn Jasken 

2.  Class size is limited due to the Zoom structure.      Enrollment will be on a “FIRST COME” basis.  

3.  All Zoom classes begin the week of October 26th. 
     Check the Class Schedule information for the day and time of the Zoom class. 



Fall 2020 Class Chart

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Fall 2020 Class Descriptions

All Fall 2020 classes will be held on ZOOM.


Beginning Classes

Class: Beginning Spanish Level 1 & 2                    
Facilitator: MaryAnn Jasken  

Class Description: This class will continue the work from last year’s Beginning Spanish Level 1 and move you on through Level 2. In addition to Spanish is Fun, students will be using a series of online readings to help progress in speaking. Classes will be limited to 9 students per class to allow for conversation and individual practice. Recommended for MaryAnn’s students from last year and those wishing to repeat Brenda’s class from last year.


Class: Beginning Reading for Conversation and Vocabulary
Facilitator: Dora Gruber          

Class Description: This class will use online reading passages to increase your vocabulary, pronunciation, and encourage and improve your speaking. Recommended for people who took Brenda’s, Bill’s, or Joyce’s class last year.

Practical Spanish Class

Class: Practical Spanish
Facilitator: Joyce Lusty       

Class Description: This class will replace Spanish is Fun Level 3. It promises much more interesting materials and a very practical way to use the Spanish you learned in Level 2 and to progress through the materials previously studied in Level 3 of Spanish is Fun. It will cover more present tenses and introduce you to the past tenses. Recommended for Brenda’s, Bill’s, and Eleine’s classes from last year.

Intermediate Classes

Class: Intermediate Spanish Level 1
Facilitator: Jim Khami              

Class Description: This class will begin with a review of what you’ve already learned in Book 1 and proceed to introduce and practice additional grammar needed to understand and converse intelligently in Spanish. Classes will be held in Spanish and English with opportunities for students to improve their listening and speaking abilities through interaction with the teacher and each other. Emphasis will be on comprehension and speaking. The class will be 2 hours long with a short break. Recommended for anyone who has completed Spanish is Fun Book 1 or taken Eleine’s class and wants to continue their ability to understand and speak the language correctly.


Class: Intermediate Spanish Conversation
Facilitator: Minú P Johnson   

Class Description: The objective of this class will be learning to construct thoughts and ideas for maintaining a fundamental conversation. In every class, the participants will obtain the basic tools that will allow them to feel more comfortable using the past, present, and future tense; as well as using the proper pronunciation of the Spanish language. The interaction and participation of every student is essential to reach these objectives. Recommended for Jim’s and Dora’s students from last year, Lola’s Fri. class, and anyone who has studied all tenses of Spanish but needs to practice using the language.

Class: Intermediate Reading for Conversation and Vocabulary
Facilitator: Dora Gruber            

Class Description: This is a reading and conversation class that will increase your vocabulary and improve your comprehension and speaking skills. The book for this class will be Intermediate Spanish Short Stories by Lingo Mastery. It can be ordered and reviewed on Amazon. This class is recommended for those having completed Jim’s class or for anyone familiar with all the Spanish tenses.


Advanced Conversation

Class: Advanced Conversation
Facilitator: Bill Price
E-mail registration:

Class Description: This class will offer varied topics each week for discussion. Topics will be chosen by the instructor. All tenses and moods will be used. The class is recommended for students who were in Keka’s class last year, students in Lola’s Tuesday advanced conversation class, and teachers.