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The Spanish Club has several fiestas each year! The fiestas are social events that foster understanding of various aspects of Spanish culture, and are open to Spanish Club members and their accompanied guests.


April 9th Fiesta recap by President David Hodnik:

Our General Meeting / Fiesta Primavera was a huge success. We had great attendance for our general meeting business and program with a tasty potluck dinner followed by a cultural experience.

Of special note was that this meeting offered an open mic to our members to express their appreciation to the Spanish teachers. We have 15 teachers who have worked very diligently to produce our language learning program during fall and winter. The gratitude expressed by the students was heartfelt and had an impact on our teachers especially Mary  Ann Jasken who is stepping back from teaching a regular language class.

The food was outstanding as usual. There were many dishes to try, all of which were delicioso. We truly have fabulous cooks in the Spanish club. Potluck dinners are not to be missed.

Our cultural experience taught everyone that music and dance are famous traits of the Hispanic culture. We practiced learning cha-cha steps under the guidance of club members Jennifer Hyder and Andrew Shaddock.

Fiestas are on pause until next fall.


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 The Mission of the Spanish Club is to learn the language and appreciate the Hispanic Culture through classes, cultural events, fiestas, and travel.

Updated:April 21, 2024