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Welcome to the Sun City West Spanish Club!

The Spanish Club, also known as Club Español, is a Chartered Social Club organized in 1980 by residents interested in sharing the enjoyment of the Spanish language and culture.  Many club members are learning Spanish for the first time.  Other members have become quite comfortable speaking Spanish. The Spanish classes and conversation groups offered by the club are a fun way to learn something new. . . and keep one’s brain active! 

The Spanish Club offers classes at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels starting in October of each year at the Beardsley Recreation Center. Some of the classes will focus on conversation, others on introducing all aspects of the language and some on more advanced verbs and grammar. Sometimes students are not sure which classes or conversation groups to take. So note that before the class chart on the Classes page, the direction says: Click here to determine which classes are recommended for you – click and you’ll access the helpful Class Placement Guide.  Mark October 11, 2018, on your calendar for the club’s Fall Welcome & Registration Meeting at the Johnson Center Shuffleboard Room, 9 a.m. You can join the club (dues: $15 per year), select your fall classes or conversation group, and meet the class instructors. Classes and conversation groups are free to club members. Go to the Menu at the top of this page and click on “Spanish Club” to view the Spanish Club’s registration form.

Have you read our Newsletters? They are an addition to the club’s endeavor to communicate with club members and to let our fellow SCW residents know about our club. So many of us know people we’ve met in our classes and fiestas. We want to go beyond that and share articles, experiences, what people are reading, and photos. We appreciate hearing what you think of our newsletters.  

Club Español has several wonderful fiestas each year. The Fall Fiesta is held in November at the R.H. Johnson Shuffleboard Room, the Holiday Fiesta is held in December at Grandview Terrace,  the Valentine’s Fiesta is held in February, and our Fiesta de Primavera (Spring Fiesta) is held in April. The fiestas are fun! Olé! 

                                                For information about the Spanish Club (Club Español),

                                                 please contact Tish: 360-620-7634,


                           The Mission of the Spanish Club is to learn the language and appreciate the Hispanic Culture
                                                                     though classes, cultural events, fiestas, and travel.