The club is a Chartered Social Club organized in 1980 by residents interested in sharing the enjoyment of the Spanish language and culture.  Many club members are learning Spanish for the first time.  Other members have become quite comfortable speaking Spanish. The Spanish classes offered by the club are a fun way to learn something new. . . and keep one’s brain active!

Club Español will begin to offer classes at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels in October at Beardsley Rec. Center.  Some of the classes will focus on conversation, others on introducing all aspects of the language and some on more advanced verbs and grammar.

Club Español has several wonderful fiestas each year. The Margarita Fiesta is held in November at Palm Ridge Rec Center, the Holiday Fiesta is held in December,  Fiesta de Amor (Valentine’s fiesta) is held in February  at Palm Ridge Rec Center, and our Fiesta de Primavera (Spring Picnic) is held in April at Beardsley Park. The fiestas are fun! Olé!

The Summer Schedule is now posted on the Classes page.
Contact our Spanish Club maestras Anna Scheidt (623-556-1065) or
Joan Novy (623-271-7689) and they will assist you in the summer classes.