xxxxxxxxx                                   READ ALL BEFORE SELECTING CLASSES

_____I’ve had no exposure to Spanish except knowing a few words.

_____I can introduce myself and ask someone’s name. I know some phrases. I know the alphabet and lower numbers. I need more practice with pronunciation.

_____I need to restudy Chapter 1-8 in Spanish is Fun Bk 1.

Checking any of the above would suggest Beginners’ Class Level 1 on Monday or Wednesday, or Beginners 1 with Rosemary starting in January


_____I am a January resident from last year who is comfortable with Ch. 1-4 and can join a Monday or Wednesday class this year to begin with Chapter 5.

Checking the above would suggest Beginners’ Class Level 1 on Monday or Wednesday.



_____I basically understand how verbs work to talk about the present, but I need more practice. I understand that words can be masculine or feminine and can change words to plural. I can describe something using simple words.

_____I have studied Beginning Spanish 1 Lessons 1-8 with Catherine, Brenda, or MaryAnn, and I understand what I’ve learned. I’m ready to move on.

Checking either the first or second statement above suggests placement in Beg. Spanish Level 2 on Tuesday or Wednesday to learn Lesson 8-16


_____I can speak in the present tense about things like family, weather, and activities. I can ask and answer simple questions, tell what I like, briefly describe items, and tell where something is located. I understand what I read, but it’s hard to understand what others say to me in Spanish. I can speak a little but need to pause often to find the Spanish expression. I want to practice what I’ve learned and begin learning how to talk about things in the past.

_____I have completed Spanish is Fun Bk 1 and would like to expand my vocabulary and practice speaking and listening with a teacher fluent in Spanish, but I don’t want a lot of grammar.

_____I haven’t done Spanish is Fun Bk 1, but I’ve studied Spanish and want to expand my vocabulary and practice speaking, listening, and reading with a teacher fluent in Spanish, but I don’t want to study much grammar.

Checking any of the above would suggest Beginning Reading for Discussion and Vocabulary with Eleine on Wednesday and/or Friday Conversatiosn w/Bill


_____I’m familiar with basic grammar and vocabulary and the present tenses. I can understand basic Spanish, but I want to continue progressing in the language.

_____I’ve completed Spanish is Fun Bk 1 with Maralee or have been in Eleine’s class and/or Bill’s class for a year.

_____I would like to review or study the past tense, comparisons, and future tenses,

Checking one of more of the above would suggest Beginning Intermediate Spanish on Tuesdays with Jim.


_____I have studied all the tenses except the subjunctive and I want to study this.

_____have studied in the past with Joyce and I want to complete the text. 

If you checked one of the two sentences above, sign up for Joyce’s Monday class


_____I have studied present, past, and future tenses, as well as indirect and direct object pronouns. My vocabulary is OK, so now I want to practice speaking, reading, and writing to use the language and become comfortable with it.

_____I want to be able to converse, but I might need a story or an assignment to help me get started. An occasional grammar review is OK, but I prefer speaking about my experiences or something I have read.

If you checked one of the above statements, sign up for Thursday’s Structured Conversation with Keka.


_____I’m comfortable with how the language works. I just want to be able to converse so I can practice and enjoy using it.

Checking the above statement would direct a person to Conversación Español with Gloria.


If you still aren’t sure which class(es) you should attend, you are welcome to sit in on a class and observe. Just arrive ahead of class and tell the facilitator you are observing the class. Feel free to ask questions about the class before or after class so as not to take class time away from those attending. If you would like to visit with a teacher to help determine your placement, you can e-mail our placement counselor, Brenda Melcher, at melcherbrenda1@gmail.com



The Mission of the Spanish Club is to learn the language and appreciate the Hispanic
culture through classes, cultural events and fiestas.