2017 – 2018 Fall & Winter Class Schedule

You are most welcome in our Spanish Club, also known as Club Español! Members at all levels take part in our club. Some members are just beginning to learn a little Spanish. Other members are at the intermediate and advanced levels. We offer classes, conversation groups, fiestas, programs on culture, and movies. Our on-line newsletter will keep you informed about happenings in the club.  We hope you find something here to interest, educate, and excite you.  We’re proud to be able to offer so many options. Please take note of all the information included in this website.  


          2017 – 2018  Class Schedule  




 2017 -2018  Fall Semester Class Chart  

Textbook & Book Sections







Los Bakers Van A Perú Beginner 2 – Intermed. Eleine Greene Mon. Chicory 9-11 am Oct 23 
Basic Spanish Conversation
Part 3
Hi Intermediate – Advanced  Joyce Lusty Mon. Ocotillo 9-11 am Oct. 23
Spanish Is Fun, Book 1, 5th Ed.
Part 1
Beginning Level 1 Catherine Thayer Mon. Mesquite 9-11 am Oct. 23
Spanish Is Fun, Book 2,
2015 Edition, Part 1
Intermediate Level 1 Jim Khami Tues. Chicory 9-11 am Oct. 24
Spanish Is Fun, Book 1,
5th Edition, Part 2

Beginning Spanish,
Level 2 
Brenda Melcher
MaryAnn Jasken
Wed. Chicory 9-11 am Oct.25
Spanish Is Fun, Book 1, 
 *4th Edition, Part 3
Beginning Level 3 Maralee Reiner Wed. Mesquite  9-11 am Oct. 25  
Spanish Conversation Informal Conversation, Adv. Gloria Mamola Thurs. Chicory 9-11 am Ongoing
Spanish Conversation Structured Conversation – Advanced Wendie Schumacher Thurs. Mesquite 9-11 am Oct. 26
Beginning Conversation All Levels Bill Price Fri. Chicory 9-11 am Oct.27
 Spanish Is Fun, Bk. 1,
5th Edition, Part 1
Beginning Level 1  Rosemary Bossert Fri.  Mesquite 9-11 am Jan 12 

Classes are held at Beardsley Rec Center.  


  2017 – 2018 Fall & Winter Class Schedule Description


                                                                                                         Monday Classes

Class: Beginning Spanish –Level 1
Facilitator: Catherine Thayer      (775) 220-2365, cthayer99@gmail.com
Text: Spanish is Fun, Book 1- 5th Edition** 
: Optional additional resources:  a Spanish dictionary and 501 Spanish Verbs  

Recommended for:  People who are new to Spanish and who want to learn some basic conversation and acquire an elementary understanding of how to use the language.
Class Description: The focus of this class will be oral Spanish, but written material will be used to support that.  Simple sentence structures will be used.  Over the year we will expand that vocabulary and develop the capacity to express ourselves increasingly in Spanish.  Students will be encouraged to do some homework to reinforce what is done in class. 

**Books are available at cost through the club. Please be certain that if you order independently, you buy Edition 5.

Class: Beginning Reading for Discussion and Vocabulary
Facilitator: Eleine Greene     (541) 954-3322, ecgreenerainbow@yahoo.com
Text: Los Bakers Van A Perú

Recommended for: Members who have completed MaryAnn’s class, Maralee’s class, or the beginning two units of Spanish is Fun Bk 2 with Jim. The class would be considered high beginner/low intermediate.
Class Description: Los Bakers Van A Perú, our book, is a beginning reader for students at the intermediate to advanced beginning level. It is written in the present tense. It’s very easy reading, so it’s the perfect way to improve your vocabulary and practice using the Spanish that you’ve been learning. The class will consist of reading and discussions in very simple Spanish. We work in small groups to make it informal, and relaxing. Grammar will only be presented when it’s needed to explain the text.

Class: Advanced Level 3 Spanish – Year 3 of a 3-year program
Facilitator: Joyce Lusty623-748-3628,  joycelusty@hotmail.com
Text: Basic Spanish Conversation Book plus grammar handouts

Recommended for: Students who have been exposed to most of the verb tenses (except for advanced subjunctive) and know how to look up the correct verb form to use. Students should have a basic Spanish vocabulary.
Class Description: Application and review of grammar will be practiced using the Basic Spanish Conversation Book, starting with Unit 12 in October 2017 (year three).  This interactive book has conversations and exercises based on daily life, travel, managing household tasks, going to the doctor/dentist/emergency room, car issues (accidents & tickets), etc.  The text is currently out of print but copies will be available at minimal cost through Club Español. There are oral exercises, and conversation, plus written homework exercises. All verb tenses, including Present, Future, Preterit, and Imperfective are reviewed and used. New tense review this Fall includes Perfective and finally Subjunctive. Starting in October 2017 we will briefly review pronoun placement and forms. Short stories and composition exercises will be sprinkled in for fun. Low stress class. Participation encouraged.

                                                                         Tuesday Classes

Class: Intermediate Level, Part 1 of a 3-Year Sequence
Facilitator: Jim Khamijimkhami@gmail.com
Text: Spanish is Fun Book 2, 2015 Edition

Recommended for: This class is appropriate for those in Maralee’s class last year and others.
Class Description: This course will broaden students’ vocabulary and tenses beyond the present tense through a variety of situational readings and dialogs about food, shopping, recreation, sports, and Hispanic culture. Classes will be held in Spanish and English with opportunities for students to improve their listening and speaking abilities through interaction with the teacher and with each other in Spanish. Your facilitator will introduce other material to supplement the textbook and broaden cultural and historical knowledge important to learning another language.

Purchase of Spanish is Fun, Book 2 2015 edition is required for this course.

                                                                                              Wednesday Classes

Class: Beginning Spanish, Level 3
Facilitator: Maralee Reiner (623) 215-2236  maralee1@cox.net
Text: Spanish is Fun, Book 1 – 4th Edition**
Materials: Spanish/English Dictionary; Three-ring binder.  Materials for conversation and reading will be provided in class.

Recommended for: Members who took MaryAnn’s class last year, those who have studied the present but feel they want more work speaking about the present, or for those who have studied Spanish in the past but prefer to review speaking in the present tense. Speaking of events in the past will be introduced as well.
Class Description: This class will begin with a review of pronunciation. We’ll review the material already studied in Book 1 and complete the book. We’ll increase our ability to speak about people, places, and things in the present. Listening to a fluent Spanish speaker will increase our listening skills and help us to begin speaking naturally.

**Used books are available at cost through the club. This is the last year we will be using this edition of the book. It is no longer in print.

Class: Beginning Spanish – Level 2

Facilitators: Brenda Melcher      melcherbrenda1@gmail.com
                       MaryAnn Jasken      701-866-9460,   majasken@hotmail.com
Text: Spanish is Fun Book 1, 5th Edition**. A Spanish-English Dictionary       
Materials: A 3-ring binder with 4 dividers

Recommended for: Members who took Catherine’s or Rosemary’s class last year or for those who have previously studied Spanish and to review regular present tense verbs, ser and estar, descriptive words, weather, and telling time.
Class Description: This is the 2nd part of Spanish is Fun Book 1.  This class will be a review of pronunciation and the material that Catherine and Rosemary taught last year from Book 1. We’ll increase our ability to speak about people, places, and things in the present and ask questions about them. Our lessons will focus on speaking, reading, and listening to the Spanish language. Quizlet computer lessons will help students master the vocabulary for each lesson, but computer work is an option, not a requirement.

**Books are available at cost through the club. Please be certain that if you order independently, you buy Edition 5.


                                                                                                  Thursday Classes

Class: Spanish Conversation
Moderator: Gloria Mamola,     Gloriamamola@AOL.com
Materials: Whatever a member wishes to share

Recommended for: Those who have a good background in Spanish and wish to improve their conversational abilities, have a desire to learn new vocabulary and idioms and a willingness to accept or offer suggestions/corrections to or from others in the group.
Class Description: Not really a class, these informal sessions are more like free-flowing conversations.   Interesting topics are discussed; books being read, news articles, TV programs and in general, issues of everyday life.  Religious and political topics are avoided.  Whoever can come contributes something to the discussions.


Class: Structured Spanish Conversation
Facilitator: Wendie Schumacher    44wcs@msn.com
Materials: Notes in Spanish Podcast Scripts.  
                     Optional additional resources: a Spanish dictionary and the reference book, 501 Spanish Verbs

Recommended for: People who want to practice speaking the language, but want material and short reading or listening assignments to provide a base for class discussion. The class is designed to increase exposure to new vocabulary, expressions and to provide occasional grammar review.
Class Description: The focus of this class is conversation. Students listen to a short podcast and/or review a transcript of the podcast in advance. The podcast is a point of departure for classroom conversation and questions about the language used. The podcasts and scripts are available through the Spanish Club, but students need to be able to access them on their own electronic devices. Each week, one student will provide a 5 to 8 minute presentation on a topic of interest to him/her and prepare questions or material intended to prompt feedback and participation by other members of the class, in Spanish. The facilitator will provide vocabulary and grammar feedback.


                                                                                                   Friday Classes

Class: Beginning Spanish Level 1 – Begins January 12, 2018 – Friday
Facilitator: Rosemary Bossert 708-710-7927, rcbossert@att.net
Text: Spanish is Fun, Book 1 – 5th Edition

Recommended for: Those who are new to Spanish and would like to learn some basic vocabulary and pronunciation
Class Description: The class is an introduction to Spanish. The goal is to learn the Spanish alphabet, Spanish pronunciation, and basic vocabulary and grammar, with an emphasis on how to express oneself in the present tense. The class will emphasize the skills of listening and speaking.

You may have a past edition of this book (Edition 4). We can no longer order this edition. From this point on, we will be using Edition 5.


Class: Beginning Spanish Conversation
Facilitator:  Bill Price
Materials:  Student-generated discussion topics.

Recommended for: High-beginning level students and Intermediate level students who want to begin to use their Spanish language skills.
Class Description: Conversations on student-generated topics keep this class interesting. Students can “drop in” for a day or attend regularly. No homework or preparation is required. Good for students who want to practice speaking about the present or past. Stop in to see what the class is about.


Mini -Sessions will also be offered periodically on Fridays. Watch your e-mail or the bulletin board for announcements of topics and levels.